Vernon Souvenirs 

Over the years souvenirs are created, some are handed out as ribbons or medals for sports accomplishments, others are pure keepsake. Fortunately many pieces survive.


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Sports patch 1949 (Bob Bickell)

Radar O.P.  SEE course patch 1949

Vernon CTTC Soccer 1949

Sports patch 1950


Diving patch swim meet

A rather large 7" diameter sports patch

Relay Camp Champs (6" diameter)

100 yard dash 2nd place


In 1967, the Vernon camp became Tri-Service, including Air and Sea Cadets in great numbers for the first time. 

As a result, the "Tri-Service" name became synonymous with Vernon for several years.


1969 2nd place Freestyle Swimming (Ted Usher coll.)


Jacket Patch ca.1967 (Tom Buchenaur coll.)

(Folland coll)


1980 sew on jacket patch (F. Arseneault coll.)


1981 sew on jacket patch (F. Arseneault coll.)


An amusing caricature and more than likely unofficial patch for 'VACC Transport'

ca 1980s


Post card, the drums on Coutt's Common. Today those tiny 3' shrubs are now 14' to 18', check them out on the platoon photo pages



small tumbler ca.1975 (Nazir Walji)


By the 3rd decade of the camp's existence, the sewn sports and swim patches had been replaced by far less ornate ribbons, ca.1979

2nd place swimming ribbon

(Darlene Arseneault (nee.Home))

Collectors spoon ca.1975 (Nazir Walji)

Tie clip and matching cufflinks ca.1975  (Nazir Walji)


Soccer champs, 1979 (John Buckham)

3rd place, 400m relay, senior (Terry Cowles)


1965 patch, blank, uncompleted 

1968 Athletic Award patch


(F. Arseneault coll.)

 (F. Arseneault coll.)

 (Keith Wright coll.)




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