Vernon Army Cadet Summer Training Centre
Junior Officer's Sword of Excellence

he newest award at Vernon is awarded to the top subaltern officer. Recognizing the hard work, professionalism and dedication required by the junior officers in the line companies. This award was recommended by the VACC Alumni Association and former Commanding Officer HCol David Kinloch in 2002. It was formally donated to the training centre on June 29, 2003 by the Alumni Association and by David Kinloch's widow Mrs Kinloch. The Sword of Excellence in its oak case is displayed in the officers mess through out the summer. Uniquely, the previous year's winner of the sword carries the sword on the Final parade and hands over to Mrs Kinloch to present to the new winner each summer.

2003 - to date Winners

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Lt Raj Chamberlain


Lt Raj Chamberlain, Mrs Leslie Kinloch and Rod MacLeod - VACC Alumni - (Wayne Emde)



2Lt Carolyn Baker



Paul Riopelle - VACC Alumni, 2Lt Carolyn Baker, Mrs Leslie Kinloch (Wayne Emde)


Lt Audra Bowers


Mrs Leslie Kinloch, Lt Audra Bowers, Norm Sanderson - VACC Alumni, LCol Terry Kopan,  (Wayne Emde)


2Lt Aimee Procyk


Mrs Leslie Kinloch, 2Lt Aimee Procyk, Norm Sanderson - Past President VACC Alumni (Wayne Emde)


2Lt Lt Kristi Herbert


Lt Kristi Herbert, Mrs Leslie Kinloch, Al Saunders - VACC Alumni (Wayne Emde)


Lt Dane Nicholson


Lt Dane Nicholson, Mrs Leslie Kinloch, Al Saunders - VACC Alumni (Wayne Emde)

Lt Debbie Middleton


Mrs Leslie Kinloch, Lt Debbie Middleton, Al Saunders - VACC Alumni (Wayne Emde)

OCdt James Miskulin


Al Saunders, OCdt James Miskulin 3005 RCACC, Mrs Leslie Kinloch (Wayne Emde)


2Lt James Miskulin


Mrs Leslie Kinloch, 2Lt James Miskulin 3005 RCACC, Al Saunders - note first two-time winner (Wayne Emde)

 2Lt Geoffrey Smith 2290 BCR (DCO) RCACC Vancouver, BC


Mrs Kinloch, 2Lt Geoffrey Smith, Mr Al Saunders VACC Alumni (Wayne Emde)

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 Lt Michael Wolf 903 BCD RCACC Kelowna, BC - 2016  
 - 2017  
 - 2018  


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