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Biographies, 203 total

Notable cadets, officers, and other members associated with the RCACC and Army Cadet Training Centres



HM King George VI KG KT GCMG GCVO ISO PC, Colonel-in-Chief 1942 - 1952   Biography

HRH Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh KG KT OM GBE PC, Colonel-in-Chief 1953 - to date Biography


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Colonel Commandants, Commanding Officers, RSMs and other staff of ACSTCs, Commanding Officers of Cadet Corps and Notable former cadets.

Brig.-Gen. John Stronach Adam, OBE, ED    Biography 

Capt Jim Adams,   Biography

LCol J.S.M. Allely, ED   Biography

Capt John Anderson, CD   Biography

Maj H. Gowan Andrew, CD  Biography

LCol Don Ardelian, CD     Biography

Major H.H. Badger, MC    Biography

LCol RB Barrette, CD  Biography

BGen Stuart Beare, CD  Biography

LCol Al  Beck, CD   Biography

Cdt Myriam Bédard,    Biography   (coming soon)

Col Jake Beer, MBE, CD,    Biography

LCol H. Bell, CD,   Biography

RSM Albert Belzile, MBE, CD   Biography

LGen Charles Belzile, CMM, CD     Biography

Cdt Paul William McComb Benner, SC    Biography

Capt Dennis  Bennett, CD  Biography

LCol Pierre Bibeau, CD    Biography

Brig Joseph W. Bishop, OBE, CD     Biography

Capt A.C. Bone, CD  Biography

LCol D.J. "Dan" Bonner, OMM, CD  Biography

Capt Alex Boos, CD  Biography

Maj A.R. Bowles, CD Biography

LCol. James A. Boyle CD  Biography

Capt Claus Breede   Biography

Capt Yvonne Bromley  Biography

LCol Peter Brown, CD  Biography

Major John Richard  Brown, CD  Biography

LCol Robert F. Bruce, MBE, CD   Biography

Col Jamie Cade, CD   Biography

BGen (ret'd) Pat Carew, CD    Biography

Mr. J.B. Carr    Biography

Maj. J.B. Carr  Biography

LCol R.A. Carr, CD      Biography

LCol J.C  Cave, CD  Biography

Capt Sheldon Clare,   Biography

Capt R.B.E. Clark, MMM, CD    Biography

Brigadier Frederick A. Clift, DSO, MiD, ED, CD ,Croix de Guerre avec Etoile de Vermeil   Biography

LCol Eric W. Cormack, OBE, ED     Biography

Capt Pierre A. Cournoyer  Biography

Capt Jim Coutts, CD Biography

Capt Mike Crabbe, CD   Biography

Lt Ebenezer Crute,   Biography

RSM Ron Cutcliffe, CD  Biography

LCol Fern Daigneault, CD   Biography

Brig Ernest Deighton Danby, DSO, OBE, CD     Biography

LGen (ret'd) Jack Dangerfield, CMM, MSC, CD,    Biography

Darren P Darbyson, Biography   (coming soon)

RSM R.M. Davies, CD,  Biography

LCol Helen De Champlain, CD, (CIC)   Biography

LCol A.J.G.D. De Chastelain, OC, CMM, CD, CH, LL.D., BA    Biography

BGen (ret'd) Darrel Dean, CD    Biography   (coming soon)

LCol Al CD  Dengis,  Biography

Capt Ken Dent CD,   Biography

RSM William Demmy, DCM, CD   Biography

Chief Inst Joseph S. Dorey    Biography

Lt Ian Douglas Biography

Capt. Robert Woodhouse Dudley    Biography

Capt. R. Eric I. Edelsward, CD   Biography

LCol John S. Edmundson, CD   Biography

WO1 R. Elrick, CD   Biograph

LCol Eugene  Engyel, CD  Biography

Capt S.P. Ewasyke  Biography

Maj Ken Fells, CD  Biography

Dennis Fleck   Biography

Col C.M. Fletcher, CD   Biography

Capt Lee Fraser    Biography

Maj Jim Free  Biography

Major Ralph G. French, CD Biography

Hon LCol Ken Garbutt, CD   Biography 

Major General Robert Gaudreau, CMM, CD    Biography

Capt Chris Gerbrandt, CD Biography

Brigadier T.G. Gibson, CBE, DSO, CD,   Biography 

LCol Hodgson Goodfellow, MBE, CD  Biography

Maj Charles Elsworth Goodman    Biography

Col T.J. Green, MiD, CD   Biography

Capt Andrew Groeneveldt   Biography

Capt Jim Grosset, CD  Biography

LCol (ret'd) Aubrey Halfyard, CD Biography

Derrick Hall   Biography   (coming soon)

Capt Harris Chapman Harper  Biography

Maj Bill Hart, CD  Biography

Maj R.A. Hart, CD  Biography

Maj Linda Hildebrandt CD  Biography

MGen Bert M. Hoffmeister, OC, CB, CBE, DSO, ED Biography

Capt Darlene Home,   Biography   (coming soon)

MGen William A. Howard, CMM, CD, QC  Biography

Capt D.E. Husser   Biography

Captain Bob Irvine, CD   Biography

LCol Cliff, Jamieson,  CD Biography

LCol Lyle Johnson, CD,    Biography

Capt Mark A.J.  Johnson    Biography

BGen L.V. Johnson, CD   Biography

Capt Mike P. Kartusch, CM, CD    Biography

LCol Phillip "Danny" Kay-  Biography

Maj F.E. Kendrick, ED  Biography

Capt David Kenney, CD   Biography

BGen Peter B. Kilby, CD, KH   biography

2Lt Alicea  Kimball   Biography

Col David Kinloch, CD  Biography

Capt Miles R.  Kneale  Biography

LCol Terry Kopan, OMM, MOM, CD, AdeC   Biography

Maj Russ R  Lacey CD Biography

LCol W.G.A. Lambe, ED, CD     Biography

Captain L.M. (Luc) Laverrière  Biography

Maj Gary Law,   Biography

Capt Terry Leith, CD  Biography

LCol C. Vince Lilley, MC, OMM, CD,     Biography

Major R Orville Lyttle, Biography

Wilton "Willie" Littlechild, LL.B., B.Ph.Ed., M.Ph.Ed. Biography  (coming soon)

Ed Liukaitis,  (Army Cadet League) Biography

Capt Angus J. MacDonell, MBE CD  Biography

Capt L.J. MacFarlane   Biography

Maj Mario Marquis    Biography

LCol W.H.V. Matthews, MC w/bar, CD   Biography

Capt John Marles Biography

Capt Steve A.  Martins   Biography

Capt R.A., Matte,  CD Biography

Maje Russ Mayne, CD  Biography

Maj Brian McCue CD    Biography

LCol Tom McGrath, OMM, CD  Biography

Capt Ethel  McLeod CD    Biography

MGen (Ret'd) Robert G. Meating, OMM, CD, MSM   Biography

MGen William Jemmet  Megill, DSO, CD  Biography

Randy Mitton, Biography  (coming soon)

Rt Hon Sen Gildas Molgat,  CD, B.Comm. - Biography

Capt Karl Morel, CD  Biography

Capt Keri  Moore Biography

CI Harry Mumford   Biography

Brigadier William Scott Murdoch, OBE, MiD, CD, Officer of the Order of Orange-Nassau (with Swords) (Holland), Biography

Capt John M.  New, CD  Biography

Capt Greg Nicoll  Biography

Maj (Rev) T.C.M. Nixon  Biography

Lt Geoffrey  O'Brian, OBE, AFC   Biography

Maj L.M. Orge  Biography

Capt Peter Osted  Biography

Capt Bill  Paterson, CD   Biography

Maj Tom Paterson, CD  Biography

Malcolm Patton, Biography

Maj Chantale Perreault   Biography

Col R.J.A. Perron, CD  Biography

Maj Guy Peterson, CD   Biography

Captain P. M. (Paul) Preikschas   Biography

Capt Dave Piercey  Biography

LCol F.N. Pope CD   Biography

Maj Nick  Pope, CD    Biography

Billy Powers, Biography  (coming soon)

Col H.E.C. Price, MBE, CD,  (Cdn Gds) 1962 - Biography

Capt Ken Prince   Biography

Maj (ret'd) Roger Prouse, CD Biography

LGen Jim W. Quinn, CD,   Biography

Maj R.N.  Raven OStJ, CD    Biography

Maj Don Rodger, MMM, CD, CET  Biography

MGen Norman Elliot Rodger, CBE, CD    Biography

BGen Ray R. Romses, OMM, CD  Biography

MGen. Norman H. Ross, CD   Biography

the Hon. Earl Rowe  - Biography

Capt Renee Roy,  Biography

Capt. Theresa Ruel, CD   Biography

Capt Carl Russell, CD Biography

Capt Glen C.  Saunders  Biography

Capt Shannon Scarisbrick  Biography

Maj Brian Scott, CD   Biography

Capt. Diane Scott, CD   Biography

Capt Kevin Seesequasis  Biography

Major General John L. Sharpe, CMM, CD   Biography

Capt  Small, Biography

LCol David D. Snow, CD   Biography

Col Herbert Alan Sparling, CBE, DSO, MiD  Biography

Josef Stanishevskyj, Biography  (coming soon)

Maj John Stephens, CD   Biography

LCol J.L. St.Laurant, OBE, CD,    Biography

BGen Jack Leslie Summers, MC, CD   Biography

Capt. Ernest Edmund Teagle    Biography

Capt Don  Thompson   Biography

Maj Rob  Thompson, CD,  Biography

LCol Reg J. Tweten, CD (CIC)   Biography

Capt Ted  Usher, CD   Biography

Capt Pierre Vallée, CD  Biography

Capt Linda Valley    Biography

LGen Jack  Vance, CMM, CD  Biography

Capt Sandie Vermeulen    Biography

LCol J.F. Villiers, ED  Biography

MGen Brian (Ret'd) Vernon CD   Biography

Capt Tina Wagner  Biography

LGen G. Walsh, CBE, DSO, CD   Biography

Hon LCol Doug Walton, OMM, CD    Biography

Capt Al  Wakarchuk   Biography

Capt Harold  Washburn, CD   Biography

Maj George J.  Wells, CD   Biography

LCol Ralph West, CD, OStJ    Biography

MGen Howard Wheatly, CD   Biography

Capt J.L.  White, CD  Biography

LCol R.H. Whitelaw, CD (CIL)   Biography

RSM Al Williams, CD   Biography

Kelly Woiden, CD, Biography  (coming soon)

Capt M.B. Wood, MBE, CD  Biography

Capt Brian J. Wright, CD     Biography

LGen P.F. Wynnyck, OMM, MSM, CD    Biography

Capt Andrew Young, CD    Biography

Maj R.E. Young, CD  Biography