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#2881 Cadet Corps

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Name -        The Scarborough Rifles Cadet Corps

Location    Westhill, ON    

Formed    March 30, 1971       Disbanded    Active

Commanding Officers/Chief Instructors- 

 unknown (1971-78)


Capt Walter Belfontaine (-1979) biography


 Capt Gould CD (1979-81) biography


Lt Gord Roach (1981-) biography


  unknown (1982-2001)


Capt Doug Silzer, CD (2001-03) biography

Captain Lee (2003-04) biography

Captain Facey (2004-06) biography

Senior Cadets

unknown (1971- Sept 2002)


C/CWO Yorke (Sept 2002 - July 2003)

C/CWO Marges (Sept 2003 - July 2004)

C/CWO Langan (Sept 2004 - July 2006)

C/CWO Graham Humphrey (July 2006 -7 Feb 2007)

C/CWO J. Brown (7 Feb 2007-)


Corps Flag

(Graham Humphrey)

Corps Home

Sir Oliver Mowat Collegiate (1971-78)

Legion Village Home (1978-80)

R.H. King Collegiate (1980-90)

Cardinal Newman High School (1990-95)

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 258 (1995-2000)

Joseph Howe Senior Public School (2000-04)

Dalton Armoury (2004-)


1960s pattern shoulder flash

1960-70s pattern shoulder flash


1990s pattern shoulder flash


Royal Canadian Army Service Corps hat badge, QC



Queen's Own Rifles current issue hat badge

History -   

This Corps was formed 30 Mar 71 and known as Scarborough Army Cadet Corps and affiliated with the 25 (Toronto) Service Battalion and sponsored by Sir Oliver Mowat Collegiate Institute. Effective 17 Jul 72 the Corps re-designated Highland Creek Cadet Corps. Effective 1 Jan 78 the Corps changed sponsorship from LCol G.W. Horwood to the Royal Canadian Legion (Highland Creek Branch 258). Effective 7 Sep 79, change of affiliation from 25 (Toronto) Service Bn to The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada, Toronto. Highland Creek Cadet corps


Founded as the 2881 Highland Creek Army Cadets in 1971 by Lieutenant-Colonel G.W. Horwood, CD, ADC, the unit was affiliated with 25 Service Battalion. Wearing the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps insignia and funded by Lt Col Horwood, with assistance from Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 258, the Corps originally parade at Sir Oliver Mowat Collegiate. 

In 1978 the Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada became our affiliated unit and Branch 258 assumed full sponsorship of the Corps and parades were held at the Legion Village Home. In 1980, the Corps moved to R.H. King Collegiate where it remained for the next ten years. In1989 the Corps became known as the Scarborough Rifles, 2881 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps and the following year started to parade at Cardinal Newman High School.

In September 1995 the Corps moved once again, returning to Royal Canadian Legion Branch 258; where, through the efforts of Dave Middleton (Branch President at the time) and Captain Gord Roach, a surplus school portable was made available for use by the Corps.

For the 2000 to 2004 Training Year, space for our Weekly Parades was obtained at Joseph Howe Senior Public School.

In 2005, the Corps returned to Sir Oliver Mowat Collegiate Institute, which provides a larger weatherproof drill area as well as the usage of three classrooms as well as an office. We now have the Dalton Armoury to host our Administration staff, Supply Cell and Specialty Training. Dalton Armoury is home to Buffs Company of the Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada. We still have continued contact and support from our Sponsor, Royal Canadian Legion, and Branch 258.

The Cadets and Staff of 2881 look forward to long and mutually beneficial associations with The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada and Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 258.

Special thanks to C/CWO Graham Humphrey for supplying the vast majority of information and photos on this page.


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