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#2861 Cadet Corps

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Name -             RCEME Army Cadet Corps    

Location         Windsor, ON

Formed           January 20, 1970     Disbanded      Active

Commanding Officers/Chief Instructors- 

Maj R.N. Raven OStJ, CD (1969-73) Biography
Maj R.D. Stephenson OStJ, CD (1973-77) Biography
Maj Stan J. Lee CD (1977-81) Biography
Capt W.P. Brooks CD (1981-85) Biography
Capt M.V. Grayer CD (1985-88) Biography
Capt C.M.L. Smith CD (1988-91) Biography  
 Maj John Richard Brown CD (1991-94) Biography  
Capt G. Hurt CD (1994-99) Biography
Capt R. Matte CD (1999-2000) Biography  
Maj George J. Wells CD (2000-03) Biography  
Capt S.P. Ewasyke (2003-06) Biography
Capt Small (2006-) Biography  

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History -   

 This Corps was formed 20 Jan 70. It was sponsored by RCEME Association and affiliated with the Windsor Svc Bn. In Dec 78 the Corps was co-sponsored by Branch 548, Royal Canadian Legion.


In April of 1969 the Royal Canadian Electrical Mechanical Engineers (RCEME) Association of Windsor was formed; comprising mainly of members of 39 Technical Squadron RCEME (Militia) stationed in Windsor. Master Warrant Officer (MWO) Jack Stark CD was installed as the first president. Lieutenant Colonel R.J. Lavigne CD, then the Commanding Officer of 39 Technical Squadron, along with one of his officers, Major C.N. RAVEN OStJ, CD, talked of the formation of an Army Cadet Corps to be affiliated to there unit.

On October 01, 1969, 2961 RCEME Army Cadet Corps was born and Major Raven was appointed its first Commanding Officer. Major Raven was a qualified Aeronautic and Electronic Technician who served for many years in the Infantry, Cavalry, Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) and RCEME units of both the Regular and Reserve Forces. He was also a past Commander of the St. Johns Ambulance Brigade and a Director of the St. Johns Ambulance Association.

39 Technical Squadron RCEME was then officially proclaimed the Affiliated unit to 2861 RCEME Army Cadet Corps. MWO STARK; a veteran of both World Wars, later to be known as “Father Stark: by the cadets; was appointed as President of the RCEME Association of Windsor to become sponsor of the cadet corps. The association whole-heartedly accepted.

Upon the disbanding of 29 Technical Squadron RCEME and the formation of 21 (Windsor) Service Battalion, permission was sought and granted from National Defence Headquarters for 2861 RCEME Corps to maintain its distinction as a RCEME Cadet Corps and to continue to wear the RCEME regalia and accoutrements so long as no cost to the public should arise. 21 (Windsor) Service Battalion in the spirit of its predecessor became our new affiliated unit in being that the remnants of 39 Technical Squadron were now part of its organization, specifically in its maintenance Company.

In 1973, Major R.D. Stephenson OStJ, CD became the new Commanding Officer; bring with him the experience of many years regular service the Royal Canadian Regiment and as an Area Cadet Instructor with CFB London Cadet Office. During his command he also spent his summers as a Company Commander at Ipperwash Army Cadet Camp and upon completion of his tenure in 1977 he was appointed the Training Officer and Chief Instructor of Ipperwash Army Cadet Camp. Ipperwash Army Cadet Camp closed in 1994 and as a result the training was then held at Blackdown Army Cadet Summer Training Center in Borden Ontario

In 1976 the number of cadets who lived in Amherstburg was at a point that a Platoon was formed there which conducted parallel training at the General Amherst High School, still remaining part of 2861 RCEME Army Cadet Corps. In September of 1977 the platoon grew in size that a new cadet corps, 202 Fort Malden Army Cadet Corps cam into existence. The Administration officer Captain E.M. Plante OStJ, CD took over as the first Commanding Officer of the new corps. She subsequently became the Army Cadet Instructor List Officer for Western Ontario Area (WOA) and rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

In 1977 Major S.J. Lee CD took over command. He was formerly a Warrant Officer in RCEME and the RQMS of 39 Technical Squadron for many years. His tenure saw the formation of the Corps Drum and bugle Band. Upon his retirement he took over as President of the RCEME Association until his untimely death in 1986.

In 1979 the RCEME Association requested and received assistance from the Royal Canadian legion in sponsoring the Corps. Branch 579 LCol D.C. Warnica, Royal Canadian Legion was formally indicated as the co-sponsor of 2861 RCEME Army Cadet Corps. In return the cadet unit would assist in many Legion activates and the band played at many of there parades. 

1981 saw Captain W.P. Brooks CD assumed Command of the cadet corps. He was a former Regular and Reserve Officer of the Provost/Intelligence Corps and Military Police. During his tenure he had spent for years as a Company Commander in Ipperwash Army Cadet Camp and Whitehorse Army Cadet Summer Training Centre. The corps saw the implementation of the Unit Land Operations section which conducted training in Abseiling, Canoeing, Skiing, Orienteering, Shooting and Winter Survival.

In 1985, Captain M.V. Grayer CD took over as Commanding Officer. He was a Former Chief Petty Officer with the Royal Canadian Navy both in the Regular and Reserve Forces at H.M.C.S. Hunter. During his tenure the band became a Brass and Reed Band.

In 1988 the unit saw the first female officer to become the Commanding Officer of 2861 RCEME Army Cadet Corps. Captain C.M.L. Smith took on the job most readily. She was a long time officer of the unit who had spent every summer at Ipperwash Army Cadet Camp holding both training and administration positions.

The Cadets of 2861 Royal Canadian Electrical Mechanical Engineers Army Cadet Corps both male and female are highly dedicated and indeed an honorable credit to the wearing of the badge and insignia of the RCEME Corps of Canada. We follow a proud heritage in carrying on the RCEME tradition



(Rollcall Fall 1979)


(Rollcall Fall 1979)



4th row:
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Seated: CI C Brooks, OCdt D Schatz, OCdt C Bertrand, C/MWO J Dupuis, Capt W Brooks, Capt, M Greer, C/CWO M Duchesne, Capt C Smith, C/MWO R. MacIntire, OCdt S Paddon, OCdt G Hurt.

(courtesy Susan Paddon)