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Maj George J. Wells, CD 

Major George J. Wells grew up in Innerkip, Ontario. There he enrolled as an Army Cadet with 2833 Oxford Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corp in Woodstock Ontario. Major Wells was a member from 1985 to 1990 where he achieved the rank of Master Warrant Officer and finished out his career as Cadet Captain at 9 London Secondary School Cadet Corps. After ending his cadet time, he transferred his talents to 233 Perth County Army Cadet Corp in Stanford Ontario, where he served as a Civilian instructor.

Major Wells was enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces as an Officer cadet in 1991 and immediately served with the Royal Canadian Regiment Affiliated unit of 223 Perth County Army Cadet Corps until June of 1992. He then transferred to the Cadet Instructor’s List, and worked with 2833 Oxford (Woodstock) Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps. He was promoted to the rank of Second Lieutenant in 1993 and subsequently to Lieutenant in 1994.

While he served with 2833 Oxford (Woodstock) Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps he held the position of Unit Training Officer and Public Relations Officer unit June of 1997

During the summer months, Major Wells served as a Platoon Commander at Ipperwsh Cadet Training Centre. In the summer of 1997 Major Wells was selected to carry out the position of Second in Command Service Support Company, as Operations Officer for Blackdown Army Cadet Summer Training Centre.

In 1998 Major Wells moved in Windsor Ontario and worked with 48 Agamemmon, Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps, where he rebadged to the Naval Reserves and was appointed as the Unit Administration Officer.

In 1999, as a Sub-Lieutenant, He assumed command of 2861 Royal Canadian Electrical Mechanical Engineers Army Cadet Corps, the last unit of its affiliation in the country. Major Wells transferred back to the Army and was promoted to Captain in 1999 and was further promoted to his current rank in 2002, when the unit grew to exceed 105 cadets.

Major Wells received the following decorations: Canadian Forces Decoration (CD)