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Maj R.N. Raven OStJ, CD 

Major C N. Raven was born in London, England; and came to Canada when he was four months old. He lived in and was educated in the Toronto and Islington area. Besides his formal education he was qualified as an Aeronautic and Electronic Technician. He also obtained a Commercial Pilots License and became a civilian flying instructor. Major Raven married and had four children; three of whom served with and retired from the Canadian Armed Forces. His youngest son served with the Windsor Police Department in the Detective division.

Major Ravens military service started when he joined the York Rangers in 1926, and he graduated from the Royal Canadian School of Infantry in 1927. He transferred to the Royal Canadian School of Cavalry in 1932, and from then until 1945 he held several Command positions. From 1955 to 1959 Major Raven was Chief Operations Officer with 2451 Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron, in Windsor. From 1960 to 1963 he served with the Royal Canadian Air Cadets. In 1969 he; with the assistance of Master Warrant Officer Jack Stark, President of the RCEME Association founded and became the first Commanding Officer of 2861 Royal Canadian Electrical Mechanical Engineers Army Cadet Corps of Windsor. He retired in 1973.

Besides his military service he is a past Commander of the St. Johns Ambulance Brigade, and was the Director of the St. Johns Ambulance Association.

Major Raven received the following decorations: 1939 1945 Star, Canadian Volunteer Service Medal with Overseas Bar, 1939 1945 War Medal, Canadian Forces Decoration (CD), Serving Brother of the Order of St. John (OStJ) received from the Governor General of Canada, St. Johns Ambulance Long Service Medal.