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For those who have been fortunate to have spent a summer on the team at Bisley, the memories are varied and amazing. We invite you to submit in about 250 words (more or less) any story you would like to share. Be sure to include your name and original cadet corps and year the story takes place in if possible.

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I was very  fortunate to be a member of a Cadet Bisley team. My recollections of that summer include: staying at the H.A.C hut (with our very own pub in the building), meeting the Queen and seeing Prince Charles, watching the Queens prize being awarded , the great people in the Bisley camp. The team went on to so many events like, an opera, tours of Stonehenge, the tower of London, Hampton Court Palace, Winchester cathedral etc. We were treated like VIP's at special dinners with one or two waiters for each of us. It was quite hilarious to watch 18 of us trying to figure out which fork to use  at a multi course dinner. I was lucky to meet a couple of guys from England that had a car. They took me on a tour of the English countryside to small villages with their cricket fields, churches, pubs (ha) We even went for afternoon tea! Experiencing London as a 17 year old was overwhelming. Later we spent a week in Germany  at the Canadian forces base at Lahr including trips to Hiedelberg and Strasbourg, France. With the exception of the birth of my children it probably was one of the best experiences of my life.
Cam Woiden
Member 1978 Cadet Bisley Team
1705 BCD Cadet Corp Vernon BC