Acronyms and abbreviations: 

Admin - Administration 
Adv Trg - Adventure Training staff
CE - Construction Engineer, replaced by Public Works in the 1990’s
Centennial Exch. - Que. 1967 exchange with Farnham Cadet Camp, the first Quebec exchange
Civ – Band inst Civilian band instructor with Band Company
Civ – Barber Civilian barber
Civ – Carpenter Civilian, carpenter CE
Civ – CE/Public Works Civilian, Construction Engineer, Public Works
Civ – clerk BOR Civilian, clerk Battalion Orderly Room
Civ – comms Civilian, communications
Civ – food services Civilian, food services, cadet mess halls 
Civ – Kitchen Civilian, cadet mess halls 
Civ – labour pool Civilian, labour pool alongside Public Works
Civ – mess/officers mess Civilian, officers’ mess
Civ – move clk Civilian, movements clerk
Civ – NPF warehouse Civilian Non Public Funds warehouse
Civ – Orderly rm Civilian, Orderly room clerk
Civ – res mgr Civilian, resident manager
Civ – secretary Civilian, secretary, headquarters
Civ – stores / supply Civilian, Stores/supply/QM
Civ – Switchboard Civilian, switchboard 
Civ – TN Civilian, Transport Company
CI Civilian Instructor
CI – Canoe Civilian Instructor, canoe white-water course 
CI – Swim Civilian Instructor Swim staff
CI – R&D Civilian Instructor, Reception & Dispatch
CI – Skaha/Rock Civilian Instructor, Skaha rock/climbing instructor
CI – whitewater Civilian Instructor, canoe white-water course
Comndt - Commandant or Commanding Officer
CQ or CQMS - Company Quartermaster 
CWAC - Canadian Women’s Army Corps
D&M - Driver and Mechanic course
det comd - Detachment Commander, year round position
det 2i/c - Detachment 2nd in command, year round position
first aid - First aid training staff
Glenemma - Glenemma training area north of Vernon, used by the camp until 1976
GOC - General Officer Commanding
IC - In command, usually NCO IC
Maint - Maintainers, vehicle techs. Usually regular force or reserves.
Mess Mgr - Mess manager, Officers or Sgts & Warrants mess
MND - Minster of National Defence 
MPs - Military Police
MIR - Medical infirmary room
MIR Dvr Amb - Medical infirmary room, Driver Ambulance
MIR N/Sis - Medical infirmary room, Nursing Sister (RCAMC)
MIR RN - Medical infirmary room, Registered Nurse
MIR SNO - Medical infirmary room, Senior Nursing Officer
NPF - Non-Public Funds
N/Sis -Nursing sisters, medical part of the Canadian Army pre-unification 
OC - Officer Commanding, company level
Padre - Padre, Catholic or Protestant
Paymaster - Paymaster
PERI - Sports Physical Education Recreational Instructor staff 
PIO - Public Information Officer
Pl comd - Platoon commander
PRO - Public Relations Officer
range con - Range control
Red Cross swim Instr. - Red Cross swim Instructor, immediate post-WW II swim staff
RSO - Range Safety Officer
Sigs - Signals, communications
Sup Coy - Support Company
Sword of Hon. - Sword of Honour winner, followed by the year. Instituted 1976, replaced Western Command Trophy as most significant award. 
Now awarded to best staff cadet
US citizen - Ft Churchill US citizen-Ft Churchill, several cadets dependants of serving US military posted to Fort Churchill Manitoba in the late 1950’s-early 1960’s joined cadets
VCDS - Vice Chief of Defence Staff
veh tech - Vehicle technician, RCEME, LORE, EME maintainers
Western Comd Trophy - Western Command Trophy highest trophy awarded to any cadet for top cadet on course 1954-1975, followed by the year, 
(F) - female 
(m.) - married name
(nee.) - maiden name
(sp) - spelling uncertain
† - deceased

Below is a list of abbreviations for most though not all of the units and sub units represented in the book. 

Unit Abbreviation Name/Location

1 CER - 1 Combat Engineer Regiment
1 Fd Amb - 1 Field Ambulance
1 GS Bn - 1 General Service Battalion
1 H - First Hussars
1 MP PL - 1 Military Police Platoon
1 NS Highrs - First Battalion, Nova Scotia Highlanders (North)
1 PPCLI - First Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry
1 R Nfld R - First Battalion, Royal Newfoundland Regiment
1 R22eR - Premier Bataillon du Royal Vingt-Deuxième Régiment 
1 RCR - First Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment
1 RNBR - First Battalion, Royal New Brunswick Regiment (Carleton and York)
1 Svc Bn - 1 Service Battalion
11 Med Coy - 11 Medical Company – Victoria
11 Svc Bn - 11 Service Battalion – Victoria
11 Works Coy RCE - 11 Works Company Royal Canadian Engineers, Jericho Beach, BC
12th MD - 12th Manitoba Dragoons
12 Med Coy - 12 Medical Company Vancouver
12e RBC - 12e Régiment Blindé du Canada
12 Svc Bn - 12 Service Battalion
14 CLH - 14th Canadian Hussars 
14 Svc Bn - 14 Service Battalion - Calgary
15 Med Coy - 15 Medical Company – Edmonton Calgary
15 Svc Bn - 15 Service Battalion - Edmonton
17 Med Coy - 17 Medical Company
18 A D Regt - 18 Air Defense Regiment
18 Med Coy - 18 Medical Company
19th AD - 19th Alberta Dragoons 
19th Armd Car Regt - 19th Armoured Car Regiment
2nd Cdn Rifle Bn - 2nd Canadian Rifle Battalion
2 Ir RC - Second Battalion, Irish Regiment of Canada
2 NS Highrs - Second Battalion, Nova Scotia Highlanders (Cape Breton)
2 PPCLI - Second Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry
2 R Nfld R - Second Battalion, Royal Newfoundland
2 R22eR - Deuxième Bataillon du Royal Vingt-Deuxième Régiment 
2 RCR - Second Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment
2 RNBR - Second Battalion, Royal New Brunswick Regiment (North Shore)
23 Med Coy - 23 Medical Company Hamilton
24 Med Coy - 24 Medical Company Vancouver (1960’s)
24 Militia Group - Militia Group HQ Vancouver (1960’s)
3 PPCLI - Third Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry
3 R22eR - Troisième Bataillon du Royal Vingt-Deuxième Régiment 
3 RCHA - 3rd Regiment, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery Shilo 
3 RCR - Third Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment
35 Svc Bn - 35 Service Battalion
4 PLDG - Fourth Princess Louise Dragoon Guards
4 R22eR - Quatrième Bataillon du RoyalVingt-Deuxième Régiment (Châteauguay)
4 RCR - Fourth Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment (London and Oxford Fusiliers)
408 Heli Sqn - 408 Helicopter Squadron – Edmonton, AB
447 Heli Sqn - 447 Helicopter Squadron – Edmonton, AB
450 Heli Sqn - 450 Helicopter Squadron – Edmonton, AB
48 Highrs - 48th Highlanders of Canada 
5 CER - 5 Combat Engineer Regiment
5 Fd Amb - 5 Field Ambulance
5th UEDAS - Valcartier, QC
6 FES - 6th Field Engineer Squadron
6 R22eR - Sixième Bataillon du Royal Vingt-Deuxième Régiment 
7 AOD - 7 Area Ordinance Depot 
735 Comm Sqn - 735 (Winnipeg) Communication Squadron
736 Comm sqn - 736 (Thunder Bay) Communication Squadron
740 Comm Sqn - 740 Communications Squadron
741 Comm Sqn - 741 (Victoria) Communication Squadron
744 Comm Sqn - 744 (Vancouver) Communication Squadron
748 Comm Sqn - 748 (Nanaimo) Communication Squadron
8CH - 8th Canadian Hussars (Princess Louise’s) 
8 Tech Regt RCEME - 8 Technical Regiment Royal Canadian Electrical Mechanical Engineers
8AAOR - 8 Anti-Aircraft Operations Room, Victoria, (RCA)
9 Wing Gander - Gander, NF
AACC - Argonaut Army Cadet Camp
AACSTC - Argonaut Army Cadet Summer Training Centre
A & SH of C - Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada (Princess Louise’s)
A&T Staff - Administration and Training Staff 
ACF (UK) - Army Cadet Force - United Kingdom
ACL of C (Ab) - Army Cadet League of Canada (Alberta) 
ACL of C (N) - Army Cadet League of Canada (National)
AETE - Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment, CFB Cold Lake 
Alq R - Algonquin Regiment
ASU - Area Support Unit
Base Hosp Edmonton - Base Hospital Edmonton
BC Area Cadet Staff - British Columbia Area Cadet Staff 
BC Area I Cadre - British Columbia Instructional Cadre 
BC Dist HQ - British Columbia District Headquarters 
BCD - British Columbia Dragoons
BCR - British Columbia Regiment (Duke of Connaught’s Own)
BNACC - Banff National Army Cadet Camp
BNACSTC - Banff National Army Cadet Summer Training Centre
Brock Rif - Brockville Rifles
C Int C - Canadian Intelligence Corps 
C Pro C - Canadian Provost Corps
C Scot R - Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary’s)
Calg Highrs - Calgary Highlanders 
CANLOAN - Canadian Infantry Officers volunteers for British Army units - WW II
CBG - Canadian Brigade Group
CDLS - Wash Canadian Defence Liaison Washington DC
Cdn AB Regt - Canadian Airborne Regiment
Cdn Gds - Canadian Guards
Cdo - Commando, (Canadian Airborne Regiment)
Cdt Det Regina - Cadet Detachment Regina
CFH - Canadian Forces Hospital
CF Maritime Command - Canadian Forces Maritime Command
CFB - Canadian Forces Base
CFSPDB - Canadian Forces Service Prison and Detention Barracks
CFMGHQ - Canadian Forces Medical Group Headquarters
CFMS - Canadian Forces Medical Service
CFSRS - Canadian Forces Supplementary Radio System
CGG - Canadian Grenadier Guards 
CH of O - Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa
Chaplain - Chaplain Branch
CIC - Cadet Instructors Cadre
CIL - Cadet Instructors List
CME - Canadian Military Engineers
CMR - St Jean College Militaire Royal St Jean, St Jean Quebec 
Comm Regt - Communications Regiment
COPS - Cadet Organization Police School
COTC - Canadian Officer Training Corps
Coy - Company 
CS of C - Cadet Services of Canada
CTC - Combat Training Centre, Gagetown, New Brunswick
D/Cadets - Directorate of Cadets, Ottawa
Det - Detachment
EME - Electrical Mechanical Engineering
E & K Scot - Essex and Kent Scottish Regiment
Fd Regt - Field Regiment (Royal Canadian Artillery)
Fd Sqn - Field Squadron (Royal Canadian Engineers)
FGH - Fort Garry Horse
FGH(M) - Fort Garry Horse, Militia
FMCHQ - Force Mobile Command Headquarters
Fus de Sher - Les Fusiliers de Sherbrooke
Fus du St-L - Les Fusiliers du Saint-Laurent
Fus MR - Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal 
Garrison Edmonton - Garrison Edmonton, formerly CFB Namao
GGFG - Governor General’s Foot Guards 
GGHG - Governor General’s Horse Guards
Grey & Sim For - Grey and Simcoe Foresters 
GSU - Garrison Support Unit 
HAA - Heavy Anti Aircraft (Royal Canadian Artillery)
Hal Rif - Halifax Rifles (RCAC)
Hast & PER - Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment 
HF of C - Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada
HMCS - Her (His) Majesty’s Canadian Ship
HQ BC Area - Headquarters British Columbia Area 
HQ Western Command Headquarters - Western Command, Edmonton 
HSOTU - Health Services Operational Training Unit
IACC - Ipperwash Army Cadet Camp
Indep - Independent 
Int Branch - Intelligence Branch 
Ir Fus - Irish Fusiliers of Canada (Vancouver Regiment)
Ir RC - Irish Regiment of Canada
KOCR - King’s Own Calgary Regiment
KORC - King's Own Rifles Of Canada
LAA - Light Anti-Aircraft (Royal Canadian Artillery)
L & R Scot R - Lanark And Renfrew Scottish Regiment
L Edmn R - Loyal Edmonton Regiment 
LdSH(RC) - Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians)
LFWA HQ - Land Force Western Area Headquarters
Linc Well R - Lincoln and Welland Regiment
LORE - Land Ordinance Engineering branch
Lorne Scots - Lorne Scots (Peel, Dufferin and Halton)
LSSR - Lake Superior Scottish Regiment
MAA - Medium Anti-Aircraft (Royal Canadian Artillery)
M Horse - Mississauga Horse
MARCOM - Maritime Command
Mar Pac - Maritime Pacific 
Med Bty - Medium Battery (Artillery)
Med Regt - Medium Regiment (Artillery)
MSGU - Military Security Guard Unit (Embassy duty)
N Sask R - North Saskatchewan Regiment
NDMC Ottawa - National Defence Medical Centre Ottawa
Ont R - Ontario Regiment (RCAC)
Ord - Ordinance
Pac Reg HQ - Pacific Region Headquarters
PEIR - Prince Edward Island Regiment
Perth R - Perth Regiment
PLF - Princess Louise Fusiliers
P Res - Primary Reserve
PRO - Public Relations Officer (1950’s, 60’s)
PWOR - Princess of Wales’ Own Regiment
QOC Highers of C - Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada 
QOR of C - Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada
QY Rang - Queen’s York Rangers (1st American)
R de Chaud - Le Régiment de la Chaudière
R de Hull - Le Régiment de Hull 
R de Jol - Le Régiment de Joliette
R de Mais - Le Régiment de Maisonneuve
R du Sag - Le Régiment du Saguenay
R Regt C - Royal Regiment of Canada 
R Westmr R - Royal Westminster Regiment (post 1965)
R Wpg Rif - Royal Winnipeg Rifles
RC(Air)CS - Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron
RC(Army)CC - Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps
RC(Sea)CC - Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps
RCA - Royal Canadian Artillery
RCAChC - Royal Canadian Army Chaplain Corps
RCAF - Royal Canadian Air Force
RCASC - Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
RCCS - Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
RCD - Royal Canadian Dragoons 
RCDC - Royal Canadian Dental Corps
RCEME - Royal Canadian Electrical Mechanical Engineers
RCH - Royal Canadian Hussars
RCHA - Royal Canadian Horse Artillery
RCIS (Pac) - Regional Cadet Instructors School – Pacific
RCLTS - Regional Cadet Land Training School
RCMP - Royal Canadian Mounted Police
RCNVR - Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve
RCOC - Royal Canadian Ordinance Corps
RCSA - Royal Canadian School of Artillery
RCSU(Pac) - Regional Cadet Support Unit (Pacific)
RCSU(Pra) - Regional Cadet Support Unit (Prairie)
RHC Black Watch - (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada
RHLI - Royal Hamilton Light Infantry (Wentworth Regiment)
RM Rang - Rocky Mountain Rangers
RMNACSTC - Rocky Mountain National Army Cadet Summer Training Centre
RMR - Royal Montreal Regiment 
RMC - Royal Military College, Kingston, Ontario
ROTP - Regular Officer Training Plan
RP - Regimental Police
RRC - Royal Rifles of Canada
RRMC - Royal Roads Military College, Victoria, British Columbia
RRR - Regina Rifle Regiment (pre 1982), Royal Regina Rifles (post 1982)
RSS - Regular Support Staff
S Alta R - South Alberta Regiment
SALH - South Alberta Light Horse 
Sask D - Saskatchewan Dragoons 
Sask LI - Saskatoon Light Infantry
SD & G Highrs - Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders
SH of C - Seaforth Highlanders of Canada 
Sher H - Sherbrooke Hussars 
SHR - Supplementary Holding Reserve
Skyhawks - Skyhawks, Canadian Forces Parachute Demonstration Team
Sqn - Squadron
S Sask R - South Saskatchewan Regiment
SRR - Supplementary ready reserve
SSM - Surface to Surface Missile (Royal Canadian Artillery)
Sup List - Supplementary List
Svc Bn - Service Battalion
SYEP - Summer Youth Employment Program
Tor Regt - Toronto Regiment
Tor Scot R - Toronto Scottish Regiment 
USMC Jr ROTC - United States Marine Corps Junior Regular Officer Training Corps
VACC - Vernon Army Cadet Camp
VACSTC - Vernon Army Cadet Summer Training Centre
VCTTC - Vernon Cadet Trades Training Centre
Voltigeurs - Les Voltigeurs de Québec 
VR of C - Victoria Rifles of Canada 
Well Rif - Wellington Rifles
West NSR - West Nova Scotia Regiment
WCTTC - Western Command Trades Training Camp
Westmr R - Westminster Regt (pre 1965)
Windsor R - Windsor Regiment (RCAC) 
Wing - various numbered Wings, Air Command terminology for bases
Wpg Gren - Winnipeg Grenadiers
Yukon R - Yukon Regiment

Decorations in order of precedence:

VC   Victoria Cross
GC   George Cross
CV   Cross of Valour
OM   Order of Merit
CH   Order of the Companions of Honour
CC   Companion of the Order of Canada
OC   Officer of the Order of Canada
CM   Member of the Order Of Canada
CMM   Commander of the Order of Military Merit
CB   Companion of the Order of the Bath
CMG   Companion of the Order of St. Michael and St. George
CVO   Commander of the Royal Victorian Order
CBE   Commander of the Order of the British Empire
DSO   Distinguished Service Order
OMM  Officer of the Order of Military Merit
LVO   Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order
OBE   Officer of the Order of the British Empire
ISO   Imperial Service Order
MMM   Member of the Order of Military Merit
MVO   Member of the Royal Victorian Order
MBE   Member of the Order of the British Empire
RRC   Member of the Royal Red Cross
DSC   Distinguished Service Cross
MC   Military Cross
DFC   Distinguished Flying Cross
AFC   Air Force Cross
SMV   Star of Military Valour
SC   Star of Courage
MSC   Meritorious Service Cross
MMV   Medal of Military Valour
MB   Medal of Bravery
MSM   Meritorious Service Medal
ARRC   Associate of the Royal Red Cross
OStJ   The Most Venerable Order of St. John of Jerusalem (all grades) (post-nominal letters only for internal use) 
COQ, OQ, CQ,   Ordre national du Québec
SOM   The Saskatchewan Order of Merit
O.Ont   The Order of Ontario
OBC   The Order of British Columbia 
AOE   The Alberta Order of Excellence 
OPEI   The Order of Prince Edward Island 
DCM   Distinguished Conduct Medal
CGM   Conspicuous Gallantry Medal 
GM   George Medal
DSM   Distinguished Service Medal
MM   Military Medal 
DFM   Distinguished Flying Medal
AFM   Air Force Medal
QGM   Queen's Gallantry Medal
RVM   Royal Victorian Medal
BEM   British Empire Medal
MiD   Mentioned in Dispatch
VD   Colonial Auxiliary Forces Officer’s Decoration
ED   Efficiency Decoration Canada
CD   Canada Decoration
ADC   Aide-de-Camp

Source: Canadian Orders, Decorations and Medals Directive, 1998. P.C. 1998-591 2 April, 1998

Though not post-nominals, these are included just the same:
LSGC Long Service Good Conduct Medal
Cdt MofB Cadet Medal of Bravery
US Legion of Merit
Croix de Guerre France 

United Nations and other peacekeeping acronyms. 

UNTSO Palestine/Israel 1949 to present
UNMOGIP India, Pakistan 1949 to present
Korea Korea 1950-53
UNEF I Egypt, Israel (Sinai Peninsula) 1956-67
UNOGIL Lebanon, Syria 1958
ONUC Congo 1960-64
UNSF & UNTEA West Irian 1962-63
UNYOM Yemen 1963-64
UNFICYP Cyprus 1964 to present
UNIPOM India, Pakistan (Kashmir) 1965-66
UNEF II Egypt (Suez Canal), Israel (Sinai Peninsula 1973-79
UNDOF Israel, Syria (Golan Heights) 1974 to present 
UNIFIL Southern Lebanon 1978 to present
UNGOMAP Afghanistan, Pakistan 1988-90
UNIIMOG Iran, Iraq 1988-91
UNAVEM I Angola 1989-91
UNTAG Namibia, Angola 1989-90
ONUCA Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua 1989-92
UNIKOM Iraq, Kuwait 1991 to present
UNAVEM II Angola 1991-95
ONUSAL El Salvador 1991-95
MINURSO Western Sahara 1991 to present
UNAMIC Cambodia 1991-92
UNPROFOR Former Yugoslavia 1992-95
UNTAC Cambodia 1992-93
UNOSOM I Somalia 1992-93
ONUMOZ Mozambique 1992-94
UNOSOM II Somalia 1993-95
UNOMUR Uganda, Rwanda 1993-94
UNOMIG Republic of Georgia 1993 to present
UNOMIL Liberia 1993 to present
UNMIH Haiti 1993-96
UNAMIR Rwanda 1993-96
UNMOT Tajik-Afghan border 1994 to present 
UNAVEM III Angola 1995 to present 
UNCRO Croatia 1995-96
UNPREDEP Macedonia 1995-99
UNMIBH Bosnia and Herzegovina 1995 to present 
UNTAES Croatia (NE) 1996-98 
UNMOP Croatia (Prevlaka) 1996-98
UNSMIH Haiti 1996 to present 
UNMISET East Timor 2002 to present 
UNMIK Kosovo 1999 to present 
ICSC International Commission for Supervision and Control Indochina 1954-65
ICCS International Commission for Control and Supervision Vietnam 1973-75 
MFO Multinational Force and Observers, Sinai 1982 to present
IFOR Implementation Force NATO, Bosnia, Jan 1996 – Jan 1997
SFOR Stabilisation Force NATO, Bosnia, Jan 1997 – to present
KFOR Kosovo Force NATO, June 1999 – June 2000
ICFY International Conference on the Former Yugoslavia
Gulf & Kuwait 1991 Gulf War
SWASM South-West Asia Service Medal

NCO and officer Ranks

Pte Private - 1 chevron
Cfn Craftsman, RCEME, (obsolete) equivalent to Private– 1 chevron
Gnr Gunner, Artillery, equivalent to Private – 1 chevron
Tpr Trooper, Armoured, equivalent to Private – 1 chevron
AB Able Seaman (Navy) – 1 chevron
LCpl Lance Corporal, pre 1968 Canadian Army (obsolete) - 1 chevron
Cpl Corporal – 2 chevrons
LS Leading Seaman (Navy) – 2 chevrons
MCpl Master Corporal – 2 chevrons and leaf
MS Master Seaman (Navy) – 2 chevrons and leaf
Sgt Sergeant – 3 chevrons and leaf
PO2 Petty Officer 2nd class – 3 chevrons and leaf
SSgt Sergeant, pre 1968 Canadian Army (obsolete, still used in police forces) – 3 chevrons and crown
WO Warrant Officer – crown
PO1 Petty Officer 1st Class – crown
WO2 Warrant Officer 2, equivalent to MWO – crown with wreath
CPO2 Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class – crown with wreath
CSM Company Sergeant Major, same as MWO
MWO Master Warrant Officer - crown with wreath
WO1 Warrant Officer 1, equivalent to CWO – coat of arms of Canada
CWO Chief Warrant Officer – coat of arms of Canada 
CPO1 Chief Petty Officer 1st Class – coat of arms of Canada 
RSM Regimental Sergeant Major, appointment, rank of CWO

OCdt Officer Cadet
2Lt 2nd Lieutenant 
A/SLt Acting Sub- Lieutenant (Navy) 2nd Lieutenant equivalent
Lt Lieutenant
SLt Sub- Lieutenant (Navy) Lieutenant equivalent
Capt Captain
Lt (N) Lieutenant (Navy), Captain equivalent 
Maj Major
LCdr Lieutenant Commander (Navy) Major equivalent
LCol Lieutenant Colonel
Cdr Commander (Navy) Lieutenant Colonel equivalent
Col Colonel
Capt(N) Captain (Navy) Colonel equivalent 
HCol Honorary Colonel
Brig Brigadier (pre unification)
BGen Brigadier General
Cmdre Commodore (Navy) Brigadier General equivalent
MGen Major General
RAdm Rear Admiral (Navy) Major General equivalent
LGen Lieutenant General
VAdm Vice Admiral (Navy) Lieutenant General equivalent
Gen General 
Adm Admiral (Navy) equivalent General